Information Regarding Partner Visa Application

If you apply for an Australian partner visa and your eligibility basis is a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, then you must prepare and submit a legal declaration as part of your application.

The purpose of preparing this document is to provide your case officer with your joint relationship account. So for applying for a partner visa in Australia you can browse to:

Australian Partner Visa – Partner & Spouse Visas in Australia

Below is a suggestion for preparing your own legal declaration:

1) Write a declaration of law factually and objectively. Avoid long descriptions and subjective statements. An exception to this is where subjective statements are needed and relevant. This will only be the case in certain parts of your declaration of law.

2) This is probably only the most challenging aspect of the application to be organized because the makers of declarations under the law need to have a good understanding of English, especially written English.

Even so, writing a legal declaration might be less of a daunting task than you might think. This task should be made easier if you remember the purpose of this document. As stated above, the purpose of this document is to provide case officers with factual accounts of your relationship.

3) If possible, the statement of fact made in the declaration under the law must be supported by the evidence you send. By creating such a link, you confirm the accuracy of your claim.

4) Although this is not stated as one of the factors your case officer should consider, I would recommend that you include a short opening paragraph that discusses the initial development of your relationship and also the next section that clearly details the length of your shared residence with your partner.