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Know About The First Aid Kit For Pets

Like humans, pets can get sick or hurt at any time. Cuts, broken bones, bite wounds and poisoning are just a few of the potential emergencies that your pet may encounter.

According to pet physicians at, first aid can greatly improve the condition of the pet. Apart from getting a first aid kit for your pet handy, it's vital to take a pet first aid course to learn the basic first aid skills.

What includes in a basic first aid kit for pets?

A basic first aid kit for pets should comprise the following Provides: gauze pads, cotton swabs, bandages, Betadine, hydrogen peroxide, wash saline, instant cold packs, one small and one big blanket, forceps, tweezers, muzzles, antibiotic ointment, duct tape, medical tape, scissors, washcloths and hand towels.

Medicines to be contained in a basic first aid kit include Pepto Bismol, buffered Aspirin, Mylanta Gas, Activated Charcoal, Benadryl, Milk of Magnesia, Mineral Oil and Glycerin Suppositories.

Along with supplies and medications, you should always have emergency numbers included and easily visible or accessible in the first aid kit. Amounts you need to include are 24-hour emergency vet clinic hotline, your vet's telephone number and pet poison control phone number.

In the event of a pet emergency, pet owners should always call a vet and maintain the first-aid supplies available. In a Lot of crisis cases, there's not any time to run to the pet shop to save your pet.